Micro Scada – inexpensive creating visualization of the processes through the website

Micro Scada (uSCADA) is a miniature module that is an alternative to very expensive computer-based SCADA solutions. The device collects data via Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP and presents it as a visualization on the website. The website runs based on the AJAX. uScada has an FTP server to update the content, additionally 4GB of memory allows to create complex visualizations.




The device has an HTTP server for the visualisation website. On the begining, user has to define points that will be periodically read via Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP. After log in to the device, User can check and edit parameters. uScada has no operating system, therefore it properly works after 1 second from connecting the power supply. Storage media is an SD memory card 4GB or 8GB. Data can be uploaded into the device via any FTP client.

Power supply – 12VDC to 24VDC via LAN connection (power adapter is included).


Examples of using the uScada module are monitoring and control of operating parameters, e.g. chillers, or visualization of the state of relay modules located in remote locations.

The created visualization can be divided into several subpages with access protection by a password, e.g. a preview of the operating parameters of the inverter may be available to a person who does not know the password, but the change of parameters can only be made by a person with appropriate permissions.

Another application of uScada may be visualization of the state of electricity meters located in rented rooms. In this case, the operator can check the amount of electricity consumed by tenants or which devices are connected.

General information

uScada configuration is carried out by editing files located in the device’s memory.

Preparation of visualization involves knowledge of HTML and JavaScript. At the client’s request, our company can design and make a visualisation.

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