Selection tips

Compact modules

OutputsInputsOutput typeInput typeM2MModbus TCPPoEThe displayLAN Product
01dry contactXXPoE 802.3afXXNano Digital Input PoE
10relayXXPoE 802.3afXXNano Relay Output PoE
11relaydry contactXXPoE 802.3afXXLanTick 1-1
01dry contactXXPassive PoEXNano Digital Input
10relayXXPassive PoEXNano Relay Output
10relayXXPassive PoEXLanTick Pro PE-1-0
01dry contactXXPassive PoEXLanTick Pro PE-0-1

DIN rail devices

OutputsInputsOutput typeInput typeKNXM2MSNMPHTTP GETPoEProduct
22relaydry or wet contactXXXXPassive PoELantick 2-2
44relaywet contactXXXXPassive PoELanTick 4-4
80relayXXXXPassive PoELanTick 8-0
08wet contactXXXXPassive PoELantick 0-8
016dry and wet contactXXXXPassive PoE and PoE 802.3afLanTick 0-16

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