• 1.The Firm
  • Why Inveo products are exceptional
    Bogumiła Hałat20-04-2017

    Most of our equipment is unique. It is difficult to find similar on the market. By designing them we have on mind the specific needs of our Clients. Someequivalent modules can be found at Asian manufacturers, but their quality and reliability usually leave much to be desired. Our devices are not produced during mass production, when it is easy to make a mistakes. Over every module that comes out of our studio from the beginning to the end leaned a few people. Each device is repeatedly checked and carefully packed before shipping to ensure that our customer receives the best quality product.

  • Who are our customers
    Bogumiła Hałat20-04-2017

    Our devices, despite appearances, are used in many situations. Our customers are installation companies, design companies, a network of fitness clubs, a large radio and television infrastructure operator, a manufacturer of maintenance free bike rental, railway and bus companies, kindergartens and even churches. Our distributor is also a large installer online store:

  • 2.The Store
  • How can I change or cancel my order
    Bogumiła Hałat20-04-2017

    Whenever needed, you can change or cancel your order at, even if you have already paid. We are very flexible and understand the specifics of the products that are on offer.

  • The product is running out, how much time it takes to produce it
    Bogumiła Hałat21-04-2017

    We try to keep  all our products in stock. However, there are situations when one of our customers will make a bigger order and we stay out of stock. The production process, depending on the module, lasts from a week to 6 weeks.

  • Why shipping costs outside of Poland are so high
    Bogumiła Hałat21-04-2017

    To get a good price in a courier company need regular shipping. While in Poland we have many recipients, we are only gaining on the foreign markets. Therefore, the price of the shipment outside of Poland is quite high. If you have such a possibility you can send your company courier to pick up your order.

  • 3.I/O modules
  • How to make a m2m connection
    Bogumiła Hałat21-04-2017

    To make the simplest M2M connection one to one we need two modules: output and input - Nano Out and Nano IN with power and LAN connection and a switch.

    •    Connect the Nano In  to power and LAN
    •    With a screw connection connect a switch to the module In Nano
    •    Connect the Nano Out to power and LAN
    •    NETWORK setup in Nano In:
      •    Destination IP: IP address of the Nano In module
      •    Destination Port: default 9761
      •    In the Channel tab set Input: Dest

    After doing so, pressing the switch will activate the relay.


  • Where you can use a combination of M2M
    Bogumiła Hałat21-04-2017

    The M2M connection, using the Nano In and Nano Out modules, can be used wherever there is a need for remote control. An example is a barrier, or a gate that is a few hundred meters away from the gatehouse. The condition of the installation is to connect the modules to the LAN.

  • Who needs a Nano Temp
    Bogumiła Hałat21-04-2017

    The Nano Temp works where there is a need for continuous temperature control (greenhouse, aquariums, swimming pools, etc.). Example: due to strong sunlight, the temperature in the greenhouse is too high for the plants grown in it. The sensor signals an increase in temperature. We get information on this, for example, on the phone. We can respond and order, for example, to turn on the sprinklers. Or we can create a dependency system, using other relay modules (Nano Out, Lantick), which automatically closes the shutter when the temperature is reached.

  • What are the ways to power the Lantick module
    Bogumiła Hałat21-04-2017

    In PE-4-4, PE-0-8, and PE-8-0 modules there is a choice of power supply:

    •    12-24 VDC power supply connected to the screw terminal (blue and white Pwr select switch set up)
    •    by connecting the LAN POE injector using blue and brown pairs (Pwr select switch set down)

    złącze lantick

    Warning! When power is 12-24 VDC and at the same time the switch Pwr select is set down, if the module is connected to the switch it may be damaged (as pairs of blue and brown will be powered from the terminal screw).

  • 4.RFID modules
  • What distinguishes the RFID reader-USB-DESK
    Bogumiła Hałat20-04-2017

    Most of the RFID tag readers available on the market are the effects of mass-produced Chinese. Their price seems attractive but in the long run their use may prove to be of little benefit. The Inveo reader is primarily a 2in1 device - keyboard emulator and virtual serial port. The user has a choice of 7 code reading modes and 6 operating modes. The included intuitive setup program allows for quick installation.

  • Why Modbus addressing is shifted by 1
    Bogumiła Hałat21-04-2017

    This is because the address of the modbus register starts at 1 and the addresses in the data frame are from 0. This is a common cause of programming errors.
    Source: Modicon Modbus Protocol Reference Guide page 18:

  • 5.Monitoring modules
  • What does the OW Explorer do
    Bogumiła Hałat21-04-2017

    OW Explorer will check wherever there is a need for continuous measurement of temperature and / or humidity at multiple points simultaneously. Up to 50 sensors can be connected. The unit can be integrated with PLCs. OW Explorer can work with up to 3 independent controllers simultaneously (2 independent RS485 Modbus and Modbus TCP channels over LAN). It is also possible to integrate with IT systems via SNMP

  • What are the advantages of the Depmon
    Bogumiła Hałat21-04-2017

    Depmon is a device for monitoring environmental conditions in teletechnical cabinets and server rooms. Unlike other devices of this type, it has a built-in BASIC interpreter that allows for input, output, event, etc. dependencies. The module has a client side for interpreter input and retrieval, a number of protocols for integration with other systems, and an OLED display. 48vDC battery power is optional

  • 6.Control
  • Do I need an astronomical clock to control
    Bogumiła Hałat21-04-2017

    Certainly not in every situation. But suppose we have the need to control lighting, blinds, gates, etc. Setting them by the hour may be insufficient. The hours of dawn and dusk change very dynamically. For our convenience and cost savings, it is worthwhile to use a solution that controls lighting when it comes to sunrise and sunrise. When illuminating large objects such as park, housing, parking etc, this turns into real savings.

  • What if the astronomical clock is not enough
    Bogumiła Hałat21-04-2017

    In the autumn and winter, we often have a strong cloud, which even after sunrise makes the day very dark. Meanwhile, our driver turned off the lights after sunrise, although in such weather it should be turned on all day. It is worthwhile to use a dusk sensor that easily integrates with the Cronos controller. Thanks to this solution, the lighting will work flexibly according to the actual need.

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